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Why World Languages at Somerset College?

World languages are languages that are internationally spoken. At Somerset College, we offer French and German as world language options. 

Communicating in a foreign language is a 21st-century skill that is crucial to thriving in a global environment. Besides the proven cognitive benefits and support to academic achievement that acquiring another language offers, it also helps us to become culturally responsive citizens. With this in mind, the World Languages Faculty at Somerset College aims to design, deliver and facilitate the implementation of an outstanding, innovative, and globally accredited learning programme that will prepare our students for the future. 

We align our teaching with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The table below shows the proficiency levels of foreign language study per grade within the World Language programme at Somerset College as determined by the CEFR:

CEFR Level


Lessons per cycle


Gr.8 and Gr.9






Gr.11, IGCSE



Gr.12, AS



DSD II, A-level (C1)




The language of love, reason, and culture, French stands at the center of art, literature, and science.  It is, along with English, the only language spoken on all five continents and the fastest growing language in Africa. It is predicted that by 2050, more than 700 million people will be speaking French world-wide. It, therefore, goes without saying that including French in your repertoire will add a certain je ne sais quoi, joie de vivre, and savoir-faire to your life.  It also presents countless advantages including study and career opportunities in France and abroad, easy access to multinational companies, industries, international institutions, travel, etc.

Vive le français!

What we offer:

DELF - At Somerset College, we provide our students with the opportunity to make the most of their French journey by tailoring the French curriculum to prepare them to sit the DELF examinations during their school career. The DELF (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française) is the only foreign language proficiency diploma offered and endorsed by the French Ministry of Education. Valid for life and internationally recognised, these diplomas are your passport to study, work in, and easily immigrate to any French-speaking country and are an impressive addition to any university application form or C.V.

Cambridge International Examinations

Independent Tour to France - Our grade 10 and 11 French students have a wonderful opportunity to travel to France and experience the French language and culture first hand. On this tour, they can look forward to a week of intensive French language courses at the Centre Internationale d’Antibes, enriching excursions around the French Riviera, as well as an unforgettable week in Paris...C’est la vie!

Epelle-moi - National Spelling Bee Competition 

Looking forward:

AFS - School exchange programme to France

Campus France - Study at a french university. 


IFAS - The Institut Français d’Afrique du Sud is an affiliate of the French Embassy in South Africa and is dedicated to the promotion and development of this beautiful language in our country. Through them, we enjoy countless opportunities, projects, and fun events to make our French learning experience real and meaningful.

SAFTA - The South African French Teachers Association

 Alliance Française  The Alliance Française of Stellenbosch and Cape Town play key administrative roles with regard to the DELF examinations, FLE training, and french events in our community.  

Around 130 million people worldwide speak German as their mother tongue. German is prominent in economics and business and, after English, it is also the most used language in scientific research. This makes learning German a vital skill for a future career in these fields of study. Furthermore, as Germany is a country of famous poets, thinkers, and artists, learning German will open doors to anyone interested in its rich culture, art, and literature.  More importantly, English and Afrikaans are both Germanic languages, which makes mastering German more attainable to our South African students.

Kommt und lernt Deutsch!

What we offer:

Deutsches Sprachdiplom II (DSDII)  This diploma is recognised worldwide and does not only allow you access to German Universities (Hochschulen) but also acknowledges that you are able to conduct work in German. Having an open door to German universities is an incremental advantage, especially as the majority of these universities carry no costs to study. This in turn creates a niche for our students in this competitive world.

Cambridge International Examinations

Nationale Deutsch Olympiade - This National German Olympiad is available for our Grade 10 students to write in October of each year. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other German-learning students from all over the country. The best part is that the winner gets to travel to Germany for 3 weeks, all expenses paid! Once there, they will participate in the International German Olympiad, again allowing them to network with peers from all over the world!

German Exchange Programme - Bayerischer Jugendring Austausch is an exchange between Western Cape schools and schools from the region Bavaria in Germany, yes the same region as the Oktoberfest! Here our students will receive a German student in July for 10 weeks and then our South African students will visit Germany for 10 weeks the following year. This is a great opportunity to develop social skills and personal growth, improve their language skills, experience a different school system, and experience independence in making their own decisions.

Looking forward:

Independent Tour to Germany - we look forward to planning an independent tour for our Grade 10 and 11 students to Germany, where they can not only practice their language skills but also bask in the iconic German culture. Prost!

PASCH-Partnerschaft - We are working towards building a relationship with a German school in Germany with whom we can interact globally. This could lead to visits and so much more...


Die Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen (ZfA)

PASCH-Initiative - Because Somerset College is a DSD-Schule, we automatically become affiliated with the PASCH-Initiative.

Deutschlehrerverband im Südlichen Afrika (DLV) - this is an organisation that brings together German teachers and provides a platform for collaboration.

Goethe Institute - Biannually they host the Nationale Deutschlehrer Tagung. They offer many workshops and opportunities for our students to delve into the world of German Learning.