18 January 2016

U15 Cricket Festival – January 2016

Somerset College hosted their annual U15 Cricket Festival from 7 to 11 January. The teams participating were: Somerset College, Wynberg Boys, Rondebosch Boys, St Stithians (Johannesburg), Centurion (Pretoria) and Paarl Gymnasium.

This pre-season festival often provides spectators with some very good cricket and showcases the talent that all these schools have to offer.

There was no stand-out side this year with most games being closely contested. The collated results can be found below.

As with any Festival, many hours of planning and behind-the-scenes work goes into producing a Festival invite that is most entertaining.  I would like to thank all the staff and parents at Somerset College who helped in ensuring the ongoing success of this U15 Cricket Festival.  Roleen Murgatroyd and Cathy Raggett organised the U15 parents, many of them new to the College, in supplying snacks and juice for the boys and spectators.  Thank you too to Andre Leibrandt and the Facilities staff for ensuring the fields and facilities were of the high standard that they should be. I would especially like to thank Ricci Gertse for his help throughout the Festival. Lizal Jacobs and the kitchen staff have a tough job in ensuring the boys are well nourished and they have once again outdone themselves with quality food which the boys enjoyed.

I would personally like to thank Mr Hilton Toro who stepped in to ensure the Cricket wickets were of the high standard that is expected at the College. The visiting sides were full of praise for the excellent surfaces that they played on.

I look forward to our next little venture in the Somerset College T20 on Sunday, 14 February!!!

Collated results:

Rondebosch beat St Stithians by 34 runs

Paarl Gymnasium beat Centurion by 127 runs

Wynberg beat Somerset College

Wynberg beat St Stithians by 3 wickets

Centurion beat Somerset College by 3 runs

Rondebosch beat Paarl Gymnasium by 2 wickets

St Stithians beat Somerset College by 102 runs

Centurion beat Rondebosch by 16 runs

Paarl Gymnasium beat Wynberg by 20 runs

T20 games

Rondebosch beat Wynberg by 8 wickets

St Stithians beat Centurion by 33 runs

Paarl Gymnasium beat Somerset College by 146 runs

Wynberg beat Centurion by 63 runs

Rondebosch beat Somerset College by 104 runs

St Stithians beat Paarl Gymnasium by 70 runs

David Hill

Teacher-in-charge: Cricket