Here are some of the lovely emails we have received from parents; thank you!

Dear Mrs Fargher and Somerset College Staff

Every morning when I drive my child into Somerset College I am overcome with gratitude.

The huge privilege of being part of this incredible school overwhelms me. I would like to say…

Thank you for dancing security officers and bearded bus drivers.
Thank you for the greenest, flattest sports fields with bright white fences.
Thank you for enabling our children to go on amazing life changing adventures.
Thank you for identifying my child’s individuality and encouraging it.
Thank you for academic excellence and all rounded dedication to our children.

With love from
A very proud Somerset College parent


Please convey thanks to Meg and staff.

Aaron has just this afternoon received acceptances into B.Eng Industrial Engineering E from Maties. (He can also  choose similar acceptances to UCT for BSc and BBus Sci.)

This further bears testimony to the outstanding results of 2015 Somerset College has achieved.

The ‘product’ of SomCol still speak for themselves (without necessarily saying anything). They are exceptional young men and women out of an exceptional school.

Gratefully blessed
yours faithfully,


Dear Ms Fargher and Somerset College staff

Our daughter Nicola wrote her last matric exam yesterday. This is the end of her high school career at Somerset College and the first step into a life that takes her to university next year with the freedoms and responsibilities and all that this entails. It is also a step of sorts for us as she is our first child to finish school.

We would like to thank you for the memorable and meaningful school career that she experienced at Somerset College. Memorable in the good friendships made and some fantastic experiences that were lived. Trek is of course one of, if not the highlight as far as this is concerned, even if it is already three years on since then. Meaningful in the academic grounding that she has had that has allowed her to discover where her interests and talents lie. The privilege of taking part in history tour to Europe earlier this year was to see life beyond the school fence, with its splendours and also some of the horrors that were features of the past.

These activities mentioned are but two of so many that go towards making schooling at Somerset College special and rewarding and is only achieved by the extraordinary input of so many at the school, for which we once again say thank you.

Kind regards,
Ian & Jane


Dear Gillian

Yes – God sent the rain, and much of it, with hail stones too, to quench the violence. We are so grateful!

The pass is open, manned by many police vehicles with blue flashing lights as well as armoured vehicles, so we were able to attend the Poetry for Life launch last night – what a treat that was!

I would really like to thank and congratulate all involved in putting together such a super, deep, refreshing, inspiring evening and initiative. From the warm, professional welcome at the door to the tasteful, beautiful décor and refreshments, the incredible, unique poets themselves and the musical flavours, the speakers and our precious seedlings to take home to nurture, we were enriched and so well-nourished, that we I am still savouring the experience.

Please would you convey my thanks to these wonderful people.

We are looking forward to more Poetry – for Life!

Warm regards,