29 January 2015

Tennis results

Tennis off to a good start!
Somerset College travelled to Moorreesburg with its top 24 tennis players (12 girls and 12 boys) on Wednesday 28 January to play in their annual fixture against Dirkie Uys High School.
The girls won by 10 matches to 8. The results were:
Vanessa Chigariro lost 1-6
Sinead van Eeden lost 2-6
Kiera van Eeden won 6-1
Olivia Fauel won 6-1
Rebecca Brody won 6-1
Annalie Swanepoel lost 4-6
Emily Dyssell lost 4-6
Tegan O’ Grady lost 5-6
Alex Williams won 6-3
Vera Smit won 6-0
Holly Garlick lost 4-6
Emily Pyle won 6-4
Vanessa Chigariro and Sinead van Eeden won 6-3
Kiera van Eeden and Olivia Fauel lost 3-6
Rebecca Brody and Annalie Swanepoel lost 3-6
Emily Dyssell and Tegan O’ Grady won 6-2
Alex Williams and Vera Smit won 6-1
Holly Garlick and Emily Pyle won 6-3
The boys won by 16 matches to 2. The results were:
Charles Fauel won 6-4
Mark Reuter won 6-0
Janneck Palmhert won 6-1
Rory Lennon won 6-3
Tanguy Jongen lost 3-6
Clive Nicolle won 6-5
Marc Dukes won 6-1
Matthew Robertson won 6-2
Aidan Cunningham won 6-2
Jaymie van der Merwe won 6-4
Joshua Putterill won 6-1
Matthew Dave won 6-3
Charles Fauel and Mark Reuter won 6-3
Janneck Palmhert and Rory Lennon won 6-1
Tanguy Jongen and Clive Nicolle won 6-3
Marc Dukes and Matthew Robertson won 6-3
Aidan Cunningham and Jaymie van der Merwe lost 4-6
Joshua Putterill and Matthew Dave won 6-5
On Friday afternoon the College’s u.15 A boys’ tennis team played against Stellenbosch High School on their courts. We lost this league fixture by 5 matches to 1.
The results were:
Jacques Morris lost 1-8
Nick Williams lost 0-8
Matthew Durie lost 6-8
David Irwin lost 3-8
Morris and Williams won 8-6
Durie and Irwin lost 3-8