21 February 2015

Tennis Results

The College’s 1st and 2nd Senior Boys’ Tennis Teams play in the same Boland Schools League, as such they had to face each other on Friday 20 February. Although closely contested matches were anticipated, the 1st team ended up scoring a convincing victory, winning by 6 matches to 0. The results were:

Charles Fauel beat Rory Lennon 8-2
Mark Reuter beat Tanguy Jongen 8-1
Josh Henderson beat Marc Dukes 8-4
Janneck Palmhert beat Clive Nicolle 8-0

Fauel and Reuter beat Lennon and Jongen 8-3
Henderson and Palmhert beat Dukes and Nicolle 8-3

The 1st team is enjoying a successful season thus far. They are lying in second position in the league, behind the leaders Paul Roos Gymnasium.

King of the Court: Rory Lennon

The College’s 3rd team narrowly lost to Strand High School by 37 games to 34. The results for this match were:

Matthew Robertson beat Avron Joseph 8-6
Kyle Tessendorf lost to Lennert Henning 1-8
Joshua Putterill beat MJ Richards 8-0
Nasaar Hendricks lost to Ruan Kruger 3-8

Robertson and Tessendorf lost to Joseph and Henning 6-8
Putterill and Hendricks beat Richards and Kruger 8-7