8 February 2018

Tennis (1st & 2nd Girls) vs Strand High & Rhenish High Schools

Both our 1st and 2nd Girls’ Tennis teams played Strand High School this last Monday, 5 February.
The Girls’ 1st team (Rebecca Brody, Tegan O’Grady, Olivia Fauel and Alex Williams) drew 3-3 in matches against Strand, so it went down to games. Somerset College won by 4 games. Rebecca and Alex won their singles and Rebecca and Tegan their doubles.
The Girls’ 2nd team (Sharlene Chigariro, Alex Dickson, Jessica McHugh and Bianca Sevillano-Barredo) won by 5 matches to 1 against Strand High School.
Our Girls’ 2nd team (Jessica McHugh,  Bianca Sevillano-Barredo, Emily Reschke and Kendra Platen) lost to Rhenish last Friday, 2 February, by 4 matches to 2. Bianca and Emily won their singles matches.