4 March 2019

Tennis (1st & 2nd Boys) results vs Paul Roos and Strand High

On Tuesday, 25 February, the Somerset College boys’ 1st tennis team lost to the Paul Roos Gymnasium B team by 0 matches to 6. Lennard Fauël, Liam Watson, Alex Brody and Michael Atkinson represented the College at this fixture.

On Friday, 1 March, Somerset College played against Strand in our annual tennis derby. The boys’ 1st team (Lennard Fauël, Jonathan van Druten, Liam Watson and Alex Brody) lost by 2 matches to 4. Lennard had a good afternoon, winning both his singles (8-4) and his doubles with Jonathan van Druten (8-2).
The 2nd team were more successful and manged to scrape a 43 games to 36 games victory after they drew in matches (3-3). Well done to Joseph Edwards who won both his singles (8-4) and doubles with Michael Atkinson (8-3). The other two players in the team were Sean Irwin and Oliver Pritchett.