13 February 2019

Tennis (1st & 2nd Boys) results vs Parel Vallei and Paul Roos

Convincing victories by Sean Irwin (8-5) and especially Oliver Pritchett (8-0) helped the Somerset College boys’ 2nd team beat Parel Vallei by 39 games to 32 on our courts on Monday, 11 February. The other two players in the team were Michael Atkinson and Joseph Edwards.

On Tuesday, 12 February, Paul Roos Gymnasium demonstrated their strength and depth in tennis when their 2nd and 3rd teams beat Somerset College’s 1st and 2nd boys’ teams by 12 matches to 0. In these fixtures, Somerset College was represented by: Lennard Fauël, Jonathan van Druten (captain), Alex Brody, Liam Watson, Michael Atkinson, Sean Irwin, Joseph Edwards and Oliver Pritchett.