Student Sponsorship Programme

Somerset College was delighted to have been selected as a pilot school in 2014 for the Student Sponsorship Programme (SSP) as it expanded its operations into the Western Cape. SSP has been operating in Gauteng and in parts of the Eastern Cape for over a decade. It is an exciting, award-winning programme that emerged from the United States.

The organization selects academically talented children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and places them in schools considered more likely to give them a better chance of future success. The selection process is rigorous and the students have to pass well-designed aptitude tests. Each student is paired with a mentor and the greater portion of the fees is funded by SSP.

A total of six students joined the Senior School at the start of 2014, four at the start of 2015, two in 2016 and one in 2017. Whilst most of the students have been selected from the local community, five students have been selected from further afield and are boarding at Somerset College.

Whilst the SSP provides a significant portion of the fees, the school has secured the balance of the funding from the Acorn Bursary Trust (ABT).  This Trust was established in the early days of the school, and has built up funding from contributions by parents and teachers at the school. The Trust is now in a position to contribute to fees of deserving students.  Besides the contribution towards the SSP funded students, a further five students receive partial funding from the Trust. Whilst this is significant, the Trust aspires to building further capital, enabling funding for additional students.

To learn more about the SSP, please visit their website:

Mentorship Overview
Mentor Application Form 2017