Student Development Unit (SDU)

Learning Support
The Preparatory School has a comprehensive learning support system in place. The support team includes an Occupational Therapist, a Speech Therapist, a Remedial Therapist and an Educational Psychologist. Class teachers closely monitor children’s progress. Any specific areas of difficulty are then discussed with the support team at weekly meetings and relevant support is recommended.

Teachers and support staff, work closely with one another and with parents, to ensure the continuing progress of each child.

Emotional and Social Support
Class teachers mentor and nurture the children on a day-to- day basis. Additional emotional and social support is also offered by the School Educational Psychologist, in the form of therapy and counselling.

In addition to this, the school’s Pastoral Care Team (Headmaster, both Deputies, the School Psychologist and the Grade Heads), meet on a bi-weekly basis to discuss and action appropriate additional support for children in need.