Student Development Unit | Somerset College
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Student Development Unit

What to expect from the Student Development Unit:
Expertise, Support, Individual guidance, Advice, Empathetic listening, Tools, Confidentiality, Professionalism, Care.


Whilst students navigate through school, they will be faced with their own set of unique academic challenges from overcoming barriers to learning to achieving the results required to be accepted into their degree of choice.

The SDU team focuses on the individual’s needs, facilitating access to the expertise, assessments, support and tools to assist them to strive to achieve his or her full potential and thrive!

• Identification of learning profiles
• Subject Choice Assessments
• Study skills training
• Academic interventions
• Homework/exam facilitation
• Support for students with barriers to learning (Dyslexia, ADHD etc.)



As they explore their changing world and selves, students are often faced with challenging questions or emotions. The SDU facilitates access to expertise and tools in a supportive, confidential space.

• Counselling
• Referral to specialist help / other resources
• Career Guidance



Motivated, skilled teachers are the cornerstone to providing our students with an exceptional learning experience. The SDU provides important support services for our staff.

• New staff orientation
• Transformation and diversity (staff internships)
• Coordination and integration of strategies: pastoral, academic and professional development



From their very first day at College to the final exam, students are supported by established programmes facilitated by the SDU to assist them to connect, grow and thrive!

• New student orientation
• Grade 8 Orientation
• Grade 8 end of year programme
• Vertical home groups
• Mentoring system
• Tutors
• Grade heads
• Prefect/student leadership mentorship
• Student wellbeing committee
• Trek