Executive Head
Graham Sayer
Carol Mitchell Baker – PA to the Executive Head

Senior School: Deputy Heads
Alwyn Brink (Sport and Outdoor Education)
Gareth Tucker (Academic Planning, Cambridge Programme)
Clare Searle (Academic Management and ESTEAM Programme)

Heather Good – PA to the Deputy Heads and Manager of the Parent Database & d6 School Communicator

Gillian Wyness – Senior School Secretary
Joanne Gibson – Sports Administrator and Board Secretary

Mark Pickering (Head of Boys’ Boarding)
Jeanna Wessels (Head of Girls’ Boarding)

Preparatory School
Craig Verdal-Austin – Head of the Preparatory School
Nicola McDonald – PA to the Preparatory Head

Preparatory School: Deputy Heads
Warren Beven – Curricular and Discipline
Ruth Evans – Academics

Annie Aplas-Hill – Head of Pre-Preparatory

Dianne Whyman – Receptionist
Heidi Hudson-Bennett – Administrative Assistant

Laetitia Labuschagné – Manager
Rowena Simons – Aftercare Receptionist

Patrick Cordery
Lauren Kirstein – Assistant Chaplain

Heine Matthee – Business Manager
Liza Nel – Financial Manager
Vania Kirchner – Financial Assistant
Lindsay Nathanson – Creditors
Lizelle Nel – Debtors

Human Resources Officer
Shivonn Jacobs

Development Office
Megan van der Poll – Head of Marketing
Annaleen Matthee – Marketing and Alumni Officer

Patricia McNaught Davis – Admissions Liaison
Judith Varie – Admissions Administrator

Old Oaks (Alumni)
Chris Campbell – Acting Chair
Annaleen Matthee – Marketing and Alumni Officer

Student Development Unit (SDU)
Suretta Moolman – Head of SDU (Senior School)
Daniella Randall – Student Counsellor (Senior School)
Shirley Mussmann – SDU Assistant (Senior School)
Lauren Brown – Head of SDU (Preparatory School)

Clinic Sister
Lezanne Niemand

Coenraad Walters – Librarian (Senior School)
Rose Humphreys – Library Manager (Senior School)
Nicolette Burger – Librarian (Preparatory School)

Facilities & Grounds
André Leibbrandt – Facilities Manager
Melanie Barnard – Events Manager

Cecil Adams – Print Room Administrator

Lizal Jacobs – Manager
Precious Tombo – Senior School Tuck Shop
Catherine Baadjes – Prep School Tuck Shop and Pavilion Manager

College Shop (Uniforms, Textbooks & Stationery)
Ronelle Maij – Manager