Social Responsibility

A typical week in the life of Social Responsibility starts on a Monday during the Club period. Twenty two pupils are involved in maintaining and expanding the vegetable garden (the yield is donated to the soup kitchen in town – unless the peacocks beat us to it). Other activities involve making toys, birthday cards and posters, which are donated to Brak-en-Jan crèche in Raithby.

Tuesday’s start off with our weekly Sandwich Spread. Over twenty pupils are involved in making sandwiches for children at Macassar Primary school. The end of school heralds the arrival of twenty eight Grade 6 pupils from Macassar. They receive one-on-one tuition in Mathematics from volunteers from all grades. Our school driver’s fetch them from Macassar and return them at 15h15.

On Fridays we have our Hockey Academy which takes place from 14h30 to 16h00. Sixty children from Firgrove, Macassar and Weber Gedenk join us for an afternoon of fun and hockey coaching. Lorraine Greeff and Janine Davies kindly assist with the making of lunch with the help of the SR portfolio. Hockey players from all school teams volunteer to coach.

Students (and parents) looking for opportunities to do community service outside of school may visit (ForGood connects people to causes.)

A letter the College received from the Anna Foundation

Morning Janine

I hope you had a really good weekend!  We were so fortunate to have such a beautiful morning (and day) yesterday and our water station was a great success!  Huge thanks to all the students involved and to Taryn for taking charge of them all.  I really appreciate the time and sleep that everyone (including parents) sacrificed to make the Anna Foundation’s involvement in the Cape Town Marathon such a success.

The race organisers are very happy with us and we are very happy with how things ran yesterday.  You have some very hardworking students and they will go places!

Thank you!!

Kind regards
Carolyn Clark
Anna Foundation Marketing and Public Relations

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