Senior School Outdoor Education | Somerset College
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Outdoor Education

The location of Somerset College gives students a rare opportunity to explore their natural surroundings and to further their education in a unique and engaging way.

With convenient access to the nearby countryside, mountain trails, sea and camping facilities, the Outdoor Education Programme allows Grade 8, 9, 10 and 11 students to learn about life outside the classroom and away from home. In doing so, students learn to work closely in teams, and to appreciate the environment in a unique way.

The aim of the College Outdoor Education Programme is to enable all students (it is a compulsory programme) to continue with their socio-emotional development in an environment away from the daily distractions and routines.

Within the first three weeks of their time at school, all Grade 8’s embark on a three-day team building and ‘getting-to-know-you’ camp run by their tutors and the school’s prefects.

This year’s camp will take place in November in the pristine setting of the Garden Route at the Outward Bound campsite in Sedgefield. Students will not only discover some of the beauty of the South African outdoors, but they will also grow in self-awareness, character and tenacity. This outdoor classroom experience will take place alongside adventure activities that include hiking and kayaking.

This is a 27-day journey of self-discovery undertaken by all Grade 9 students in November, during which time they cover 360km on foot, in canoes and on bicycles.

For more information about this exciting journey, please read Trek.

As well as being given the opportunity to hike in the magnificent Cederberg mountain range, students are also involved in campsite activities, visits to historic sites, and community work, where groups spend time at the local primary school helping children.

Decision-making and reaching consensus in a group context is not always easy, but students learn to tolerate and accept other’s views and opinions, while learning the necessary skills required for successful leadership.