Teaching Staff

Mr Graham Sayer
Executive Head
Mr Alwyn Brink
Deputy Head: Sport & Outdoor Education
BSc (Stellenbosch), HDE (Stellenbosch)
Mr Gareth Tucker
Deputy Head: Cambridge Programme & Physical Science Teacher
Mr David Scott
Deputy Head: Marketing & English Teacher
BA Honours (Stellenbosch), PGCE (UNISA), MA (Stellenbosch), M.Phil (UCT)
Mrs Antoinette Beck
Academic Director & Cambridge English Teacher
BA Honours in Translation (RU), Honours in English, MA, ACE, BEd (UKZN)
Mr Patrick Cordery
Chaplain & Music
BA Honours in Music (Exeter), PGCE (Reading), FdA in Theology (St John's, Nottingham)
Mrs Su Nightingale
Head of Department: English
Education Management (UNISA), BA Honours Theory of Literature (UNISA), PGCSE (US), BA Drama (US)
Ms Jill Worth
BA (Wits), HDE (Wits), Honours (Rhodes)
Mr Russell Drury
Ms Emma Boshoff
BA Honours (Psychology) (Wits), PGCE (Senior and FET Phase) (UCT), MEd (Educational Psychology) (Wits)
Mr Denis Henning
Head of Department: Afrikaans
BEd (Wits), Diploma in Production Management (Damelin)
Mrs Elmari Botha
Mr Ludwig van Coppenhagen
BA (US), Three-year Senior Primary (Paarl Training College)
Mrs Rhonalda van Zyl
BEd PSIG Honours (Stellenbosch)
Mrs Chonel van Zyl
BA (Stellenbosch), HDE (Stellenbosch)
Mrs Hagar Lategan
Mr Coenraad Walters
BA Honours (Stellenbosch), HDE (Stellenbosch), MA (Natal), B.Bibl. (UNISA)
Mr Gert Esterhuyse
Head of Department: Mathematics, Advanced Programme Mathematics (APM)
BSc (Stellenbosch), HDE (Stellenbosch)
Mr Gavin Larsen
Mathematics & Cambridge Mathematics
Mrs Helen Tucker
BSc (Stellenbosch), HDE (Stellenbosch)
Mr Shaun Hudson-Bennett
Ms Julianne van Zuydam
BMus (UCT) and PGCE (UCT)
Mr Conrad Bubb
Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy
BEd Honours (UNISA), HDE (KZN)
Ms Rachel Hewitt
BSc (Wits), MSc Human Genetics (Wits), PGCE (UNISA)
Mr David Hill
Mathematics & Head of Cricket
Higher Diploma in Education (JCE), Education Management Honours (UNISA)
Mrs Mandy Gibson
Head of Department: Life Sciences
BSc (Natal), Masters Dip Technology: Microbiology (Natal Technikon), HDE (UNISA)
Mrs Kathy Kruyshaar
Life Sciences
BSc (Stellenbosch), HDE (Stellenbosch)
Mr Mathew Kohly
Life Sciences
BSc (Stellenbosch), PGCE (UNISA)
Mrs Louise van Zyl
Head of Department: Physical Science
BSc Honours (US), HDE (UNISA)
Mrs Ray Renaut
Physical Science
BSc Honours (Wits), PGCE (UNISA)
Ms Rebecca Selkirk
Cambridge AS and A-Levels - Economics
BComm Honours (Stellenbosch)
Dr Alain Renaut
Cambridge AS and A-Levels - Chemistry, Physics, & Life Sciences
Mrs Kudzai Chigariro
Physical Science
BSc (UZ), PGCE (University of Hertfordshire)
Mr Stephen Ramsay
Head of Department: History
BA Honours (Natal), HDE (Natal), PGCE (London)
Mr Mark Pickering
History & Life Orientation
BA Sport Science (Stellenbosch), PGCE (Stellenbosch)
Mr Mark Engelbrecht
Head of Department: Geography
BA (Stellenbosch), Honours (Rhodes), HDE (UCT)
Mrs Claire Engelbrecht
BA (Stellenbosch), HDE (UCT), BSc Sports Science Honours (UCT)
Ms Taryn Engledow
Head of Department: Accounting and Economic & Management Sciences (EMS)
HDE (Com), Sec (UCT)
Ms Jeanna Wessels
Head of Department: Life Orientation
Mrs Jolanda Botha
Head of Department: Information Technology (IT)
HDE Natural Sciences (Free State)
Ms Jhanie van Aswegen
Head of Department: Dramatic Arts
BA Drama (UFS), Honours (UFS), MPhil Linguistics (US), PGCE (US)
Ms Leanna Dreyer
Dramatic Arts
BA Drama Honours (Stellenbosch), HDE (Stellenbosch)
Ms Nina Welgemoed
Head of Department: Visual Arts
BA Fine Art Honours (UNISA) (Cum laude), HDE (Rhodes)
Mrs Carina Vosloo
Visual Arts
BA Fine Art Honours (US), HDE (Cum laude) (UNISA)
Mrs Lysette de Clercq
Head of Department: Consumer Studies
BSc.Ed (Stellenbosch)
Mrs Maud Xauka
Head of Department: isiXhosa
STD (Cape College of Education), BA (UWC)
Mr Kerwin Baartzes
Head of Department: French Second Additional Language
Licence ès Science du langage (Université Stendhal), Grenoble III, Grenoble, France
Ms Stephanie Giagas
French Second Additional Language (Grades 8 & 9)
Ms Barbara Adamczyk
Head of Department: German
BA MA (University of Tuebingen, Germany)
Mrs Carolina Schurer
Head of Department: Spanish
Dr Diederick Basson
Director of Music
BMus, BMus Honours, MMus (Stellenbosch), PhD (NWU), UTLM, UPLM, ULCO (Cum laude) (UNISA)
Mr Simon Chapman
Music Teacher
BMus (Natal), HDE (UCT)
Mrs Rose Humphreys
Library Manager
Mr Quentin du Toit
Sport (Head of Hockey) & Outdoor Education
Diploma in Education (Boland Teachers Training College), BA (Stellenbosch)
Mr James Beswick
Sport & Economic & Management Sciences (EMS)
BComm (Stellenbosch), PGCE (UNISA)
Mr Jacques Grobler
Sport, Computer Applications Technology (CAT) & Life Orientation
BA Sports Science (Stellenbosch), PGCE (UNISA)
Ms Ainsleigh de Kock
Sport Coaching & Administration
Sports Coaching Diploma (Exercise Training Academy)
Ms Jonnileigh Williams
Sport Coaching
Mr Bevan Stephens
Head of Rowing (Part-time)