Matric Results

Somerset College has selected the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) as its Grade 9 and Matriculation examination provider, while following the National Curriculum Statements published by the Department of Education. Skills such as thinking, critical analysis, personal organisation, teamwork and communication are central to our teaching philosophy.

With a strong focus on academic excellence, our results speak for themselves, with a 100% pass record intact since the first Matrics of 1999, and an excellent rate of acceptance into university studies. Furthermore, our highest achieving students are regularly placed in the IEB examination’s national top 5 percent.

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The 102 Matriculants achieved a 100% pass rate and a 99% Bachelor’s Degree (University Entrance) pass. A total of 323 subject distinctions were obtained with 16 students achieving 27 subject placements in the top 1% of candidates in the country. Forty students in the grade obtained A-aggregates which is outstanding.

Comparison of Results IEB % Somerset College %
Candidates Passed 11 322 98,76 102 100
Candidates Failed 142 1,24 0 0
Candidates with Bachelor’s Degree Pass 10 146 88,50 101 99,02
Candidates with Diploma Pass 1 026 8,95 1 0,98
Candidates with Higher Certificate Pass 149 1,30 0 0
Candidates with Senior Certificate Pass 0 0 0 0


IEB “Commendable Achievement” – Top 5% in country in 5 or more subjects and 80% or more for Life Orientation.

Joshua Putterill - 8 distinctions

Joshua Putterill
(9 Distinctions)


Benedikt Blomendahl - 8 distinctions

Benedikt Blomendahl  
(8 Distinctions)
“Commendable Achievement”


Katya Irwin - 7 distinctions

Katya Irwin
(7 Distinctions)
“Commendable Achievement”


Jana de Kock - 8 distinctions

Jana De Kock 
(8 Distinctions)
“Commendable Achievement”

Anna Mackintosh - 8 distinctions

Anna Mackintosh  
(8 Distinctions)
“Commendable Achievement”

Matthew Dave - 8 distinctions

Matthew Dave
(8 Distinctions)

Abigail Davies - 8 distinctions

Abigail Davies
(8 Distinctions)

Kelsey Greeff - 8 distinctions

Kelsey Greeff
(8 Distinctions)

Erin Williams - 8 distinctions

Erin Williams
(8 Distinctions)

7 Distinctions: Katya Irwin, Caitlin McLoughlin, Jamie Huxter, Natasha Ngwenya, Kiera van Eeden, Caitlin Whitfield.
6 Distinctions: Marais Kruger, Reece Davies, Maximillian Keller, Annika Pretorius, Emily Pienaar,
Christopher Freemantle, Meghan Johnstone, Kelsey de Haas, Emma van der Merwe, Miranda Danckwerts.

Students placed in the top 1% in a subject:
Benedikt Blomendahl – Advanced Programme Mathematics, Accounting, Afrikaans First Additional Language, Mathematics, Physical Science
Joshua Putterill – Advanced Programme Mathematics, Information Technology
Jana De Kock – Afrikaans First Additional Language, English Home Language, Mathematics
Chelsea Townsend – Consumer Studies
Emily Pienaar – Consumer Studies
Caitlin McLoughlin – English Home Language, History
Katya Irwin – English Home Language, Life Orientation, Life Sciences
Christopher Freemantle – Geography
Annika Pretorius – History
Reece Davies – Life Orientation
Anna Mackintosh – Life Science, Physical Science
Cally Davoren – Mathematical Literacy
Johanna Grobbelaar – Mathematical Literacy
Christopher King – Mathematical Literacy
Caitlin Whitfield – Mathematics
Matthew Dave – Physical Science

Click on this link to view Students who attained distinctions in the 2017 IEB Examinations

Message from the Executive Head

Dear Matrics of 2017

Congratulations on your achievements in the final IEB examinations. As a group, you have risen to the occasion superbly and you can be very proud of your accomplishments.

These Matric results are the proverbial icing on the cake, in that for many of you they put a brilliant finishing touch to superb high school careers that will serve you very well in opening the first doors to your adult working lives. But, remember that these results are also merely the icing on a cake of many layers.

You are all far more than marks on a page can ever suggest. Live to explore the beautiful depth of individuality that every one of you possesses. Keep pursuing the truth with optimism and fervor, continue to be generous and kind, welcoming, warm and creative. Continue to seek healthy growth.  You have blessed us all with these traits of yours, now go out and bless the rest of the world with them too.

Yours sincerely
Graham Sayer



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Dux Scholars - Lloyd Everett & Benedikt Blomendahl

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