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Dario Trichero

Dario Trinchero obtained 4 A* symbols in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Computer Science

A* indicates a score of over 90%

Charles Fauel

Charles Fauël obtained 2 A* symbols and 1 A symbol in Mathematics, Physics and Economics

Alex Peter

Alex Peter obtained 3 A symbols in Mathematics, Physics and Economics

Robert Harris

Robert Harris obtained an A symbol in Mathematics and two B symbols in Computer Science and Physics

Roark Mudde

Roark Mudde obtained an A symbol in Mathematics and two B symbols in Biology and Physics

Layla Ferguson

Layla Ferguson earned 3 A-levels in English Literature, History and Art & Design


Outstanding Student Awards from Cambridge:

Niclas Baur
High achievement in iGCSE German – June 2016

Lloyd Everett
Top in Country in AS-Level Computer Science – November 2016

Charles Fauël
Top in Country in AS Economics – June 2016

Dario Trinchero
High achievement in A-Level Computer Science
Top in Country in A-Level Chemistry
Top in Country in A-Level Mathematics
Best across three Cambridge International A-Levels – November 2016

Niclas Baur and Alex Geras both achieved a full-house of A symbols for English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Lloyd Everett achieved A symbols in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

In total 6 of the 14 students who wrote the Mathematics examinations achieved A symbols and 10 out of 11 students who wrote the Afrikaans examination scored A symbols.

Our students have fared superbly in these academically rigorous examinations and Somerset College is proud of them, their teachers and their parents for working together in order to enhance their success.

Dario Trinchero, a 17-year old student at Somerset College, was placed first in the country for Chemistry and first in the world for Mathematics in the International Cambridge AS Examinations written in 2015. Dario obtained 100% for Mathematics! “The quality of Dario’s answers secured him the honour, not simply the 100%.” “We are extremely proud of Dario and his teachers on this incredible achievement,” remarked Meg Fargher, the Executive Head of Somerset College. (July 2016)

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