Somerset College offers three partial scholarships each year for talented Grade 7 students for entry into the
Senior School in Grade 8:
– Two Academic Scholarships
– One All-Rounder Scholarship

The All-Rounder Scholarship is offered in the interest of furthering diversity at Somerset College.

The Scholarship Exam for entry into Grade 8 in 2018 will be written at the College at 09h00 on Friday 3 March 2017. 
Two papers will be written; Mathematics and English. In exceptional circumstances arrangements may be made with the College for these exams to be written at your own school, provided you don’t live in the Western Cape. For more information, please contact Mrs Judith Varie at

Please note that ALL prospective students are required to write the Entrance Assessment even if they are writing the Scholarship Exam.

Applicants must have a minimum of a 75% year average.
Scholarship applications that do not meet the requirements will not be considered.

Please note: Applications for 2018 are now closed.

Please understand that no correspondence will be entered into at any stage of the process. The discretion of the school in this regard is non-negotiable.

Three wonderful students have been awarded a Pioneer Foods Education Trust Scholarship to attend Somerset College in 2016 for five years.  The Acorn Bursary Trust (ABT) has partnered with the generosity of Pioneer Foods Education Trust to provide tuition and boarding to three academically capable, strong characters who are going to make a meaningful mark on this country in the future.  Somerset College is well placed to provide a platform for these students to flourish. Selected from a number of applicants, the College is delighted to have selected three remarkable young people to be part of our school on account of their many attributes. Somerset College is also proud to partner with a forward thinking, dynamic organization that believes in the value of excellent education.


Recipients of Scholarships for Grade 8 in 2018:
Samuel Chemaly, Andjela Mitrovic and Joshua Povall

Recipients of Scholarships for Grade 8 in 2017:
Jennifer Redding, Lauren Venter, Jordan Heymans and Liam Watson

Recipients of Scholarships for Grade 8 in 2016:
Spencer Wiggins, Dhania Schultz and Jonathan van Druten

Recipients of Scholarships for Grade 8 in 2015:
Benjamin van Schalkwyk, Annalie Swanepoel, Anna Bruwer and Emma Rubidge

Recipients of Scholarships for Grade 8 in 2014:
Jacques Morris, Jaihne Magerman, Tegan Anne O’Grady, Samuel Henderson, Nicholas Williams and Gabriel Ravenscroft

Recipients of Scholarships for Grade 8 in 2013:
Abigail Davies, Kelsey Greeff, Kiera van Eeden, Matthew Dave and Joshua Putterill

Recipients of Scholarships for Grade 8 in 2012:
Frances Carstens, Caitlin Grieve, Samuel Kingwill and Marcus Nel