17 September 2018

Rowing – Ergo Regatta results, Saturday, 15 September 2018

Thank you to all involved in the running of the event. Despite the smaller venue, the regatta went on without a hitch and was actually one of the largest ergo regattas we have hosted in the last few years. It was great to see so many of our rowers contribute to the success of the day by helping set up, helping direct and helping support throughout the day. It was great to see every Somerset College competitor have at least two or three supporters behind them in every race and really showed how far we will go for each other as a club. Special mention must go to all the parents who helped with the food and drinks stall as this is an important part of our passive fundraising for the season and does wonders to the name of the rowing club when hosting an interschool’s event.
Somerset College did very well, with us winning 7 out of the possible 18 medals and, even more, finishing in the top 8 on the day. While this is only the start of the season, it has given us some direction for the months ahead and I am quite excited for what we have planned.
Well done to all those that competed.  Ergo Regatta Final results
Bevan Stephens
Head of Rowing