26 June 2015

Boredom Busting Books!

Read, read, read!

With winter holidays almost upon us, you may be concerned that you will be bored – no fun in the sun; friends all away; tired of the mall?

Do not despair, the school library will be open until the end of school on Friday so you may take out up to 4 books for the holidays. Sign them out and return the books at the end of the holidays.

Fantastic Free e-books to Borrow

If you are travelling then you will need Overdrive, our online e-book library. Just download the Overdrive App onto any device (except Kindle), search for Somerset College, use your school ID and password to download any of the books on our school site. You can also read online by accessing the school website (www.somersetcollege.org), look for the Overdrive link right at the bottom of the home page and use your school ID and Explore, Select, Borrow, Read – the book is automatically returned after 2 weeks.

Come and tell us what you have read – we love hearing all your stories so I can recommend them to your peers.

Mrs Rose Humphreys
Library Manager