Code of Conduct

While taking part in sport at this school, I will try my best to …

  • Show pride in my school
    • by wearing clean, tidy and correct sports kit at all times.
    • by being loyal and committed to all matches and practices.
    • by taking care of all equipment and using it appropriately.
  • Be a good sport
    • by encouraging and respecting my fellow team members.
    • by being polite to the opposing team.
    • by congratulating or thanking the other team and referee.
    • by controlling my temper and emotions.
    • by accepting the instructions and decisions of the coach or referee.
    • by obeying all the rules of the game.
  • Be a good team player
    • by being as fit and healthy as I can be.
    • by playing my hardest.
    • by enjoying the game, whether we win or lose.