Culture and Music

In the Preparatory School children from the age of 4 are exposed to music. Children are involved in various music activities in Grade 000, Grade 00 and Grade 0 where they get the opportunity to play Orff instruments and do music through movement and dance. All grades have class music during which they learn more about the different elements and history of music. Grade 3 children are introduced to eight orchestral instruments. A professional on each of these instruments introduces the instruments to the children after which they have the opportunity to play the instrument, and also to familiarise themselves with the sound that each instrument makes. These lessons offer a great introduction to the instruments we make available on an individual basis and also to trigger an interest in all the instruments played in an orchestra.
Individual Tuition
From Grades 1 to Grade 7 the College offers individual tuition on a variety of instruments including piano, keyboard, voice, marimba, recorder, guitar, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, violin, cello and drums. Some instruments only start in later grades when children are physically more mature. These lessons take place during the academic school day.
Performance Opportunities
The Preparatory School participates in a number of Eisteddfods, and at formal and informal concerts which afford the children the opportunity to participate as a soloist, a member of the choir or in the orchestra. They have the opportunity to join the Jazz Band, String Orchestra, Junior or Senior Choir and the Marimba bands. We also form various ensembles and bands during the year to give children the opportunity to play in groups. Individual music lessons take place during academic lessons and it is each individual child’s responsibility to catch up any work missed.