Natural Science

The Science Department at Somerset College Preparatory School aims to ignite an interest and passion for the Sciences in students during their primary education years. The Cambridge Primary Science Curriculum is followed and content covered falls under the following strands:-

 Physics

 Chemistry

 Biology

We aim to develop students’ critical thinking skills through enquiry-based activities, both in the classroom as well as outdoors. The vineyards, river, and dam on the College premises offer a multitude of opportunities for outdoor learning – from plant and animal studies, to the study of rock and soil types.

Inside the classroom, learning activities vary from hands-on, practical learning, to activities designed to allow learners to apply their knowledge in different ways. With an interactive smartboard, well- stocked chemistry laboratory, as well as many different learning support materials and educational games, students are encouraged to have fun and take part in practical learning as much as possible.

With a strong background in Science, different learning opportunities will become available to students as they move from preparatory level, into high school. We aim to guide and prepare students for high school, so that those who develop an interest in engineering, science, and medicine may have a solid foundation to pursue their interests and passions.

Miss Amanda Owen
Head of Natural Science