Life Skills

The Life Skills curriculum is divided into three main parts, namely:-

 Life Orientation (personal and social well-being)

 Physical Education (physical development and the knowledge of movement and safety)

 Bible Education

The children are encouraged to focus on four main values throughout the year, namely DIGNITY, CREATIVITY, ASPIRATION AND CONTRIBUTION. Assemblies and lessons focus on one particular value each term. Children are encouraged to discuss these values in class discussions and to ‘live’ these values in their everyday life.

The development of self-confidence, independence, individuality, emotional intelligence and the ability to embrace change and make the right choices is encouraged throughout the grades and is an ongoing process. The contribution of each child is valued and acknowledged.

The curriculum exposes the children to safety education, sexual education, entrepreneurship, leadership opportunities, outdoor activities, philosophy, physical fitness and well-being and teaches the children how to lead a healthy and caring lifestyle. Life skills aims to teach the students goal setting and prepares them for future planning.

Mrs Debbie Erasmus
Head of Life Skills