Somerset College Preparatory School is a member of the Cambridge International Primary Programme. At Somerset College, we strongly believe that academic excellence manifests itself through consistent effort, diligence and academic rigour.

Somerset College follows the Cambridge International Primary Programme where English, Mathematics and Science form the core curriculum areas. Afrikaans, isiXhosa and Social Science are included in the taught curriculum. Prescribed elements of the National Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements are also covered.

Learning does not take place in isolation and skills such as goal-setting, planning, organisation and maintaining a healthy balance are essential components of each student’s development. Just as a child learns to deal with success, so too should failure be seen as an opportunity to build resilience and determination.

The International Cambridge Primary Checkpoint assessments are scheduled to be written for the first time in 2018.

Mrs Debbie Kitching
Deputy Head: Academics

Heads of Department (Grade 1 to 7)
Maths – Mrs Ruth Evans
English – Mrs Alice Louw
Afrikaans – Mrs Elizabeth van Tonder
Arts & Culture – Mrs Marisa van Wyk
Natural Science – Ms Amanda Owen
Social Science – Mrs Karen Roberg
Life Skills – Mrs Debbie Erasmus
isiXhosa – Mrs Jo Knowles

Grade Heads
Grade 1 – Mrs Taryn Frost
Grade 2 – Mrs Michelle Bosch
Grade 3 – Miss Nabila Abdulla
Grade 4 – Mrs Taryn Rose-Innes
Grade 5 – Mrs Margie Joachim
Grade 6 – Mrs Ruth Evans
Grade 7 – Mrs Karin Hobson