20 August 2015

Prep Netball News – 5 and 12 August


On the 5th of August, all of our girls had the opportunity to play a netball match. A few of the teams played internal matches, whereas other teams played matches against Somerset West Methodist. The girls played with enthusiasm and supported one another during the matches. Well done to all the girls!

On the 12th of August, the A and B teams played matches against Lochnerhof. The afternoon started with a bit of drizzle and we managed to play the first three rounds without too much of a problem. Then it started to pour and our U12B and U13A teams started their matches in the rain. A lot of ball fumbling from both sides was understandable under the circumstances. The girls played hard for their last league matches of the year and we would like to congratulate every single girl on their efforts this season. The U7s and U8s have learnt a great deal this year and have improved tremendously as the season has progressed. Good luck for the upcoming interhouse matches and the U13s and staff are looking forward to our clash at the end of the term.

Kirsty de Kock

Head of Netball