The Old Oaks Association | Somerset College
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The Old Oaks

The Old Oaks is the alumni and supporter community of Somerset College.

The Old Oaks Association, as one of the custodians of the College ethos, serves to give important guidance to Somerset College. A young school such as Somerset College, needs custodians to embed important aspects of what will become their heritage so that it can grow into a greater place that reflects some of the noble intentions of the founding parents and students.  The Old Oaks Association has been created for a very simple reason; to promote fellowship and to keep everyone connected to the school. One day we hope that our members will become benefactors; by sharing their time and skills we believe that the Old Oaks will contribute to the health and prosperity of the school.

We want Old Oaks to be proud ambassadors of the College. This is our school and the Old Oaks have a vital role to play in keeping the College a special place filled with opportunity, friendship and love.

We encourage Old Oaks to return and visit the College. To keep up with our growing community, we ask that you login to our Old Oaks Alumnet database which will give you access to a number of features.


Alita Wilkens (Chairman)

Grant Brown (Vice-Chairman and Reunions)

Robyn Humphreys (Staff representative) 

Demi Rawstorne (Legal)

Nicholas Persse (Sports Liaison)

Garen Bevan (Sport Coordinator)

Michael Taberer (ABT Representative)

Chloe Garner (Committee Member)

Graham Sayer (Executive Head)

Heine Matthee (Business Manager)

Annaleen Matthee (Marketing and Alumni Officer)


1999 Déan Stassen / Libby Brown
2000 Grant Brown  
2001 Katie Weldon / Hanneli Koegelenberg


2002 Nicola Geraghty / Tom Orpen  
2003 Contact the Old Oak Committee if you're interested.  
2004 Tessie van Schalkwyk  
2005 Robyn Humphreys


2006 Jes Foster  
2007 Philip Taberer  
2008 Jon-Louis Burke  
2009 Alita Wilkens  
2010 Camilla Salmon  
2011 Contact the Old Oaks Committee if you're interested  
2012 Mary-Jane Paulsen  
2013 Michael Gomes  
2014 Demi Rawstorne  
2015 Contact the Old Oaks Committee if you're interested  
2016 Marcus Nel / Geran Bevan  
2017 Amarta Myeza / Jack Linney  
2018 Stephanie Halton / Jaihne Magerman  
2019 Jess Norval / Stéphanie Juncker   
2020 Michaella Beart