8 January 2016

Nicholas Stegmann – Waterski record – December 2015



Media release from the SA Waterski Association (17 December 2015):

Nicholas Stegmann, a Grade 8 pupil at Somerset College, achieved a huge accolade in waterski circles when he broke a 19 year-old South African slalom record which he broke by half a buoy at  the season opener competition at Bon Esperance on Sunday 13 December 2015.

Nicholas had previously matched the record held by Shawn Bezuidenhout, and it appeared that he would not break it as he will turn 15 before the next competition in KZN in January, when he moves up to the under 17 category which skis at a faster speed. But in his final run in the under 14 category, Nicholas made a superb last-gasp effort to clinch the revered SA Champion title with 2.5 buoys on the short 11 meter line. In slalom skiing, the shorter lines are progressively more difficult, and at 11 meters the rope is just shy of the buoy at 90 degrees, forcing the skier to cut hard and stretch his body to pass the buoys while accelerating to incredible speeds between buoys.

Nicholas has had a meteoric rise since he started skiing four years ago, and during winter he participated in several competitions in Europe where he is ranked number one in his age group under the Europe/Africa region.

The Stegmann family get to train a lot living on Mofam dam/Arris Kraal in Elgin.