Message from the Head of the Pre-Preparatory

"All of this is a great forest. Inside the forest is the child. The forest is beautiful, fascinating, green, and full of hopes; there are no paths. Although it isn't easy, we have to make our own paths, as teachers and children and families, in the forest. Sometimes we find ourselves together within the forest, sometimes we may get lost from each other, sometimes we’ll greet each other from far away across the forest; but it's living together in this forest that is important. And this living together is not easy." Loris Malaguzzi (1994)

Somerset College Pre-Preparatory is a place of wonder and imagination. It is set amongst the beauty of the Western Cape winelands, mountains and coast. Our children have the opportunity to learn and grow within a space that allows them to explore not only their natural environment but also develop their physical, cognitive, emotional and social potential. We follow an age-appropriate curriculum underpinned by the philosophies of the Reggio Emilia Approach and an E-STEAM education.

We believe that children thrive in a safe and nurturing environment that allows them to ask questions, experiment, make mistakes and interact. We celebrate the diverseness of our children, families, staff and our wider community and believe that we can contribute to the future of our country by offering a quality, early years’ experience for our children and their families.

Our teachers are all creative individuals with pioneering spirits that show the commitment and flexibility to adjust and cope with the joys and challenges of an ever-changing educational milieu. As educators, we assume our children are capable and respect the talents of each individual. Learning should be challenging and intrinsically rewarding and we must act as facilitators of learning.

At Somerset College Pre-Preparatory, play is seen as important and the value of using and developing creativity is understood and nurtured.

Ms Adri Hofmeyr
Head of the Pre-Preparatory School


Pre-Preparatory School Parent Handbook 2018