Message from the Head Students

As a school that started off as a small wine farm called Vredelus, Somerset College has quickly grown to become one of the top schools in the country. Over the past 4 years, we have been fortunate enough to witness, and be a part of major and significant change in our school environment. We are honoured to be able to play a role in the continuing upward trend that Somerset College will experience during 2017.

As students at Somerset College we can confidently say that our school strives to bring out the best in each and every one of its students. We are handed endless opportunities that reach international borders with our exchange programme and tours.

Every student at Somerset College forms an integral and unique part of our broader community which helps shape the lives of our young generation. Each individual student’s needs are catered for in our well-structured tutor groups, ensuring that they always feel comfortable dealing with any issues they may have. The Grade 8s together with the matrics form part of the mentorship programme at the College, which provides a platform for the creation of lifelong friendships. This enables the grade 8s to be watched over and cared for by the leaders of the school.

Sport at Somerset College has shown a rapid growth over the last few years with our students competing at provincial and national level in almost every sport on offer. In addition the College offers a wide variety of cultural opportunities for students to engage in, including the main three: Visual Art, Drama and Music. Academics at Somerset College are of an extremely high standard with all teachers doing whatever it takes to ensure every student is achieving their true potential. It is for this reason that Somerset Colleges ranks amongst the top IEB schools in the country.

Somerset College is renowned for its phenomenal outdoor education programme, with the most well-known being the epic 27 day Trek. This is where arguably the most learning and growth takes place as students find themselves and learn to enhance their strengths in a group environment.

Undoubtedly, Somerset College prepares its students to do exceptionally well in every discipline and prepares them to successfully face every challenge that crosses their paths.

We are excited to see the continued growth during our time as head students throughout 2017 and thereafter as Old Oaks. We look forward to ending on a high note and we will hand over the baton to the next leaders of Somerset College with pride.

Reece Davies and Jana de Kock – Head Boy and Head Girl 2017