Message from the Head Students

Somerset College, by our definition, is a distinguished school that educates and prepares all its scholars for life by using every resource available and giving its students interminable opportunities in multiple areas. The school strives to live up to its four core values of Dignity, Aspiration, Creativity and Contribution. We are privileged enough to have attended this reputable school and have enjoyed expanding our horizons and grasping all that has been offered to us during our time here.

Somerset College prides itself on academic excellence. Throughout our four years at this school, we have experienced how our brilliant teaching staff are constantly encouraging all students to aspire to new heights and fulfil their potential. With the new ESTEAM subject and recently fully fledged Cambridge A-Levels Programme, our broad educational areas give students a firm base to stretch their minds and diversify their interests. Along with this, regularly placing as one the top IEB schools makes Somerset College one of the most prestigious academic institutions in South Africa.

However, our education expands further than the classroom doors and goes out into the environment around us. Our outdoor education programmes are renowned for being a unique and ambitious expedition for each student. Trek, our major twenty-seven day journey, is indescribable considering the distinct and personal nature of it, where each student, including ourselves, have come out with a different experience. Our many clubs, portfolios and committees also give us the chance to make an impact, contribute to society and embed a sense of altruism and dignity in each student.

Our wide variety of sports continues to flourish in every area in which we compete, and fosters the talents of our future sportsmen and women. Our various sports tours also allow our teams to challenge themselves against the top schools, both locally and internationally. Each student symbolises our personal motto, “Our Hearts Are Red”, at our annual derby days and if you close your eyes, the noise of the school’s spirit makes it difficult to tell whether we’ve won or lost.

This spirit resonates through to the culture at Somerset College, with the phenomenal Pops Concert being highly anticipated every year, with talent that would sell out at Madison Square Garden. Art, Music and Drama are offered as Matric subjects and allows everyone to nourish their creativity. School plays, Inter-House plays, termly music concerts and the art extension programmes make these subjects a valuable asset to each student as they are allowed to showcase their passions to the school.

We are proud to have been given the chance to uphold and exemplify the school’s core values. With the induction of the new Executive Head, Mr Sayer, and the current development of our scenic campus, we are excited for the school’s future and the path on which it is embarking. We can definitely vouch for the fact that high school has been the fastest years of our lives and with this in mind, we hope to enjoy all that our new positions have to offer in our last year at Somerset College.

Ukhanyo Mdakane and Jessica Norval
Head Students 2019