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Matric Results

Somerset College has selected the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) as its Grade 9 and Matriculation examination provider, while following the National Curriculum Statements published by the Department of Education. Skills such as thinking, critical analysis, personal organisation, teamwork and communication are central to our teaching philosophy.

Somerset College proudly presents the IEB Senior Certificate examination results for the Class of 2020. The Somerset College tradition of a 100% pass rate achieved has been upheld by the Class of 2020.  The Somerset College’s matrics have achieved an excellent set of results, despite the many challenges 2020 presented to them. The Class of 2020’s excellent results reflects positively on the hard work and commitment of both students and staff.

The average number of matric distinctions over the past five years stands at three per student and confirms Somerset College’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence. In addition to this, the consistently outstanding Cambridge (CIE) AS and AL results, achieved every year since each level’s inception in the Cambridge stream, support the fact that Somerset College students continue to deliver outstanding academic work. 

Pass rate: A 100% Bachelor Degree (University Entrance) pass
Number of A symbols: 261 (average of 3 distinctions per candidate)
Top 1% Awards in specific IEB subjects: 14
Commendable achievement: Achieved within the top 5% in 5 subjects and achieved a rating level of
7 in Life Orientation – Emma Anderson, Tiana Nauta
Outstanding achievements: Achieved within the top 5% in 6 or more subjects and achieved a rating
level of 7 in Life Orientation – Stephanie Bihl, Jonathan van Druten
Advance Programme A symbols: 8 (All Mathematics)

Somerset College is pleased to present the IEB Senior Certificate examination results for the Matric Class of 2020. Top Achievers for 2019 were:

Students with 9 A symbols:
Jonathan van Druten

Students with 8 A symbols:

Daniel Abelson
Emma Anderson
Matthew Beattie
Stephanie Bihl
Tiana Nauta
Emma Richardson
Lauren Schoeman

Students with 7 A symbols:

Jesse Dukes
Nicholas Friedrich
Sophia Friedrich
Monique Grove
Emma Martin
Joshua van Cuyck
Zachary van Cuyck

Students with 6 A symbols:

Tara Cooper
Katie Harries

Students with 5 A symbols:

Matthew Apel
Alexander Brody
Keara Davis
Heine Magerman
Alec Venter
Andrew Whaits
Spencer Wiggins

Students with 4 A symbols:

Athraa Abrahams
Michaella Beart
Ella Johnson
Akhanya Mbengashe
Stephanie Mc Donald
Sune Oosthuizen
Nastasia Pestana
Emma Toth
Jarrod van der Poll


Message from Graham Sayer, Executive Head to the 2020 Matric year group

Congratulations on your results which we hope will, together with the rest of your Somerset College experience, serve you exceedingly well in the lives that lie ahead of you.
We wish you happy and fulfilling futures and we hope that we will see you all again soon and often.

With a strong focus on academic excellence, our results speak for themselves, with a 100% pass record intact since the first Matrics of 1999, and an excellent rate of acceptance into university studies. Furthermore, our highest achieving students are regularly placed in the IEB examination’s national top 5 percent.