27 March 2015

Maths Literacy Class Outing

On Wednesday 19 March, the Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy students embarked on an exciting trip to Helderview BMW Dealership in order gather information for a financial project. The students were presented with the task of investigating all the costs involved in purchasing a new or second hand BMW 1 series and then calculating the monthly repayments and insurance on the vehicle.

“As one of the students, when presented with the task, I was unaware of the factors that go into buying a car. However, when leaving the dealership I felt truly enriched. I chose to hypothetically purchase a new car. After sitting down with one of the New Car salespersons, Miranda and the financial manager, Helen, I was informed of the various costs involved in buying a new car. As per the constraints of the task, we were unable to put down a deposit, therefore we needed to have a balloon deposit of forty percent for us to be able to keep within our monthly budget of R6000. Helen and Miranda explained insurance costs, motor plans, additional costs and the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new car as opposed to a previously owned car.”

“The entire Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy class is extremely grateful to both our teachers and all those who spent time with us at the Helderivew BMW Dealership, allowing us to better our understanding of this section of work in a fun and practical way.”

“So, if you are in the market for a new or used BMW we sincerely recommend you go talk to the knowledgeable and friendly people at Helderview BMW.”