5 February 2015

Letter from the Head – 5 February 2015

Dear Parents

Thank you to those of you who attended the Parents’ Association Cocktail Party on 22 January. Our sincere thanks go to the Prep PA under the leadership of Frances Williams and Jackie Hunter. They organized a superb event together with their team of hard working parents. They have kindly undertaken to host this welcome function each year. Many of you commented on the excellent quality of the wine served and we are also grateful to Nitida wine for the generous donation of superb wines which added to the quality of the event. I hope those of you who enjoyed this event will support the next two functions that will be hosted by the PA. The Family Fun Day on Sunday 8 February is well subscribed and should be a fun event and hopefully one that will occur annually.  And the last day of term, Friday 27 March promises to be a fabulous celebration when the Senior School PA hosts the “Our Hearts are Red” party for parents.  Make sure you purchase your table as soon as tickets become available so that we can celebrate and have fun together as a community.

Continuing on a celebratory note, last Saturday, saw Somerset College Rowing Team putting on a spectacular display of rowing at the Western Province Schools Rowing Championships. It was an outstanding event and our Rowing Team did us proud both on and off the water. When they went up to receive their awards – of which there were many – the Somerset College students were commended on the way they wore their uniforms and for their general dignified demeanour. I was certainly very proud of the Rowers and I hope they will continue to perform well and represent their school proudly. Our Cricketers will be playing in our T20 Tournament on Sunday 15 February – the PA will be selling their unique and delicious brand of burgers and breakfast rolls so please enjoy that day with us.

We welcome to the staff the Director of Music for the whole school, Mr Diederick Basson. He has the task of ensuring that Music continues to flourish throughout the College and to engender a lifelong love for music amongst the students. I have no doubt you will all support him as he builds this important aspect of the College.

Please keep Marli van Breda in your thoughts and prayers as she begins her journey of recovery. No visitors have been allowed to see her and there are very scant reports being issued. As soon as I am given official news and facts, I will try to convey those to the community. I have been inundated with letters of support for Marli and the College and the outpouring of goodness should sustain us all at this time. We are a resilient community, our students are resilient and wonderful and we are blessed to be part of a caring and decent community.

Yours sincerely

Meg Fargher
Executive Head: Somerset College