4 December 2015

Letter from the Head – 4 December 2015

Dear Parents

And so another year draws to a close.  Since my last newsletter, the world seems to be railing against itself ever more loudly and the peace of Christmas time is so desperately needed.  It is small comfort that researchers inform us that it is the most peaceful time in the earth’s history – it does not feel that way. Fortunately, amid the turmoil and the strife there are always people who choose to help and who choose to do good and it is on those acts of kindness and mercy on which we need to focus and on which we can help our children build hope.

The year’s highlights can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Matric Results:
Matriculation results will be released on 30 December 2015.  I would like to thank the Matrics of 2015 for the exemplary manner in which they managed their final examinations. Mrs Gibson is also thanked for managing the arduous task of the Matric exams so effectively.  She was guided by Mrs Tessendorf, and they are commended for the smooth running of the exams. We also await our first Cambridge results as the first cohort of students wrote the AS levels. Mr Tucker managed this rather lengthy examinations session and by all accounts that ran smoothly too.

Guided by Mr Brink and Mr du Toit, Mr Pickering co-ordinated his first Trek . He did so superbly. I commend all the Grade 9s on completing Trek and for managing so well.  Most students enjoyed the experience and all learnt a great deal and especially that they did not need or even miss social media after a while.  Many people are involved in the success of Trek, not least the parents, who buy into the process and the College is grateful to the entire community who make Trek possible.

Farewell to staff:
We bid farewell to Mrs Nicci Fein who retires from teaching after a wonderful career guiding children in their study of English.  She will be missed for her warmth and kindness to staff and children alike. She is wished a happy sojourn in England where she will be with her family. Nicci is gracious and refined and is irreplaceable on many levels – the College is the better for her having been an integral part of its growing up. Nicci, you have indeed filled the world with light, love and laughter and will continue to do so as your journey takes you across the ocean.

We also say goodbye to Mr Jonathan Ewing who leaves the History Department and will be pursuing further studies in International Development at SOAS, which is part of University College, London. He is wished well with this exciting opportunity but his deep intelligence and extraordinary general knowledge will be sorely missed.

Ms Bernita Swanepoel filled in in a temporary capacity in the English Department and we thank her for her flexibility and for doing a myriad of tasks around the College.  She is wished well as she takes up a permanent post at Paul Roos.

Mrs Carla Mulder has left the Design Department and teaching to pursue a career as a full time artist. She will no doubt flourish in that creative space as she is remarkably talented and we wish her much success.

The Board:
Mr Eduard du Plessis retires as Chairman of the Board as very sadly his tenure has come to an end.  Mr du Plessis has worked tirelessly and often unobtrusively, with few knowing the countless hours he has given so generously to the school.  All the goals arising from the Strategic Plan of two years ago have been implemented and a new strategy session will take place in the first quarter of 2016. He is thanked for his enormous contribution to making the College a better place.

Mr Pierre Malan will take up the position of Chairman in 2016 and he will no doubt help to take the College into its adult years with an energy and a firm belief in the possibility the future holds for us.

Enjoy the holidays with your children.  The break gives us a chance to step back and wish peace for all people on earth, to consider all the good that there really is in the world and to think about kindness and the eternal message of Christmas – there is light and love in the world for all mankind.

Yours sincerely
Meg Fargher