15 April 2015

Letter from the Head – 15 April

Dear Parents

Those parents who joined the Parent Association’s Our Hearts are Red event on the last day of term certainly started the holidays off to a vibrant and happy start! Thank you to all of you who attended and who celebrated so enthusiastically.  I would like to thank the PA team who worked very hard to create a festive event that helped to end the term on a positive note.

The benefits of holidays are immense and while many of our students and teachers were engaged in various sports events, there was a brief respite from the demands of routine and school.  I hope you all enjoyed a special time together as family. Our various sports teams did the school proud, not only because of excellent performances on the fields: I received numerous comments on how superbly our students conducted themselves.  Thank you to all the parents who support their children’s sporting endeavours and who encourage them to have good manners.  I am also grateful to staff and coaches who gave of their holiday time to accompany various teams.  The collective efforts of the staff and parents help to ensure that this is a very special community.

Holidays are also a time to catch up on thinking and reading. I read a poignant story of an old man clearing out his attic after his wife died and finding his now adult son’s journal from primary school.  The old man had been a successful director of a company and he too kept a journal of sales and the events of his working day.  As he pages through his son’s diary he is astounded by things he can barely remember.  He decides to look at his diary of the same corresponding days in order to compare his account of the days with those of his son.  On one particular day he sees he has barely made an entry – it is a brief, meticulously neat: “Wasted today.  Had to take Bobby fishing.  Caught nothing.  Achieved nothing.”  On the corresponding day in his son’s diary was written: “Best day ever – dad took me fishing!”

How true are the words that for a child love is spelt T-I-M-E.  So as the term gets busy and as the demands on our time stretch us to our limits, remember our children are visitors in our homes for all too brief a season.  Even if you don’t always feel it, they need you and appreciate you.  They particularly need you during this exam term to guide them and to encourage them into studying and being prepared for the assessments.

The Matrics are working hard and setting a fine example for younger students to follow and I encourage them to continue in the way they have begun the year.  Most of them have certainly made sure that Matric comes first.

As difficult as it may be, there is merit in teaching our children the words of Thomas Edison who said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.” Let’s help our children make the most of all the opportunities before them.

There are many sports events before exams and the Reddam Derby Day is on 9 May at Somerset College.  Please remember that although it is a Saturday, it is a compulsory school day as it counts as one of our stipulated school days, as does Founders’ Day next term which is on Saturday 22 August 2015.

I hope you all have a happy, fulfilling and successful term.

Yours sincerely
Meg Fargher