24 May 2015

Hockey & Netball vs Pinelands – 23 May 2015

Girls hockey results:
1st team lost 1-2
2nd team won 10-0
U16A won 9-0
U16B won 4-0
U16C won 5-0
U14A & B teams both won 4-0
Total: 37 goals for SC and 2 against.

Boys hockey results:
1st team won 4-0
2nd team won 6-1
U16A won 2-0
U16B won 3-0
U14B won 4-0
U14A drew 2 all

Somerset College hockey is proudly sponsored by Helderview BMW.

Netball results:
U19A won 25-12
U19B lost 12-17
U16A drew 13 all
U14A won 19-12

Boys squash results:
1st team 2-2 (won on points)
2nd team won 3-1
U15 won 4-0.

Cross Country – 5 boys and 5 girls from the College competed against Pinelands in a 4km cross country race. In the boys’ race there were a total of 13 runners. Joshua Mayer finished in 1st position, Nic Farrell in 4th, Brandon Christie in 5th, Armand Durandt in 7th and Zubayr Kader in 10th position. Britt Hubers won the girls’ race with Bronwen Shaw in 2nd place, Nicole du Toit in 5th place, Penelope Goemans in 6th place and Bianca van der Westhuizen in 7th place. There were a total of 9 runners in the girls’ race.