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Subject Choices

All students take the following subjects:
English Home Language
Afrikaans and / or isiXhosa First Additional Language
Information Technology (IT)
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Economic and Management Sciences (EMS)

Two of the following three subjects need to be selected:
– Visual Art

– Music
– Drama

All students must select a third language:
French or German or isiXhosa or Spanish

Each student must select seven subjects. Advanced Programme Mathematics (APM), Advanced Programme English (APE) and Advanced Programme Afrikaans (APA) are offered as an 8th subject for those students that meet the entrance requirements.

English Home Language
Afrikaans First Additional Language or isiXhosa First Additional Language
Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
Life Orientation

Physical Science (see note 3 below), Life Sciences, History, Geography, Accounting (see note 3 below), Visual Art, Dramatic Arts (see note 4 below), Design, Music, Consumer Studies (see note 4 below), Information Technology (see note 2 below), German (see note 1 below) and French (see note 1 below).

Students need to choose any three of these subjects with the following conditions:

1) No more than 4 languages in total can be chosen unless the extra languages are taken as optional subjects that are taught outside of the normal timetable and will incur an extra cost.
2) A mark of 60% plus is required in Mathematics if Information Technology is chosen.
3) Physical Science and Accounting can only be chosen if Mathematics is chosen.
4) Class numbers in this subject are restricted.

Advanced Programme Mathematics, Advanced Programme English, Advanced Programme Afrikaans, History, Spanish, German.

These optional subjects are taught outside of the normal timetable and incur an extra cost. Please note:
In order to take Advanced Programme Mathematics a student should be scoring 80% plus in Mathematics. In order to take History as an 8th subject a student should be scoring 80% plus for History in Grade 9.

NB:  A minimum of 7 students is required in any subject. The College reserves the right to withdraw the subject or to charge a supplementary fee if fewer than 7 students select a subject.   

Somerset College is a dynamic school and as such there may be changes in the school programme and what is offered from time to time. This information is subject to change and should not be seen as binding on the school.