4 December 2015

Feedback on Grade 9 Core Skills

The Core Skills test is a non-curriculum based assessment which focuses on the application of skills and knowledge that a grade 9 learner should have developed during the course of their time at school.  It is constructed to assess their language skills, thinking skills and ability to infer or communicate information using vsual stimuli (graphs, maps, giagrams, illustrations).  The total score for each learner is expressed as a percentage. On the basis of the final score, learners have been allocated rankings as follows:

Outstanding: 75-100%
Commendable: 60-74%
Good: 50-59%
Adequate: 40-49%
Needs attention: less than 40%

Comparison of performance of learners as indicated in the ratings in percentages

% of IEB learners and school learners Outstanding Commendable Good Adequate Needing Attention
IEB 18.8 40.3 19.6 13.7 7.7
Somerset College 41.90 43.00 11.80 2.20 1.10


IEB School
Number of candidates 2056 93
Average of Language Thinking Questions (%) 54.4 64.4
Average of Logic Questions (%) 62.4 70.5
Average of Visual Literacy Questions (%) 62.3 72.2
Average of Complex Thinking Questions (%) 57.5  67.0