ESTEAM stands for Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It is Somerset College’s inspirational project-based learning programme, where the pursuit of knowledge and the mastery of critical 21st century skills are powerfully partnered with cutting-edge technology and international connectivity so that our students may excel in our current reality and thrive in their dynamic futures.


Champions of innovation and education, such as Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg, Jack Ma, Salman Khan and Sir Ken Robinson all recognise that the current system of education is not serving children well enough and the world is changing so quickly that society needs people to be educated differently. Indeed, the content and process of schooling is changing irreversibly as society rapidly advances into new eras beyond the information age.

It is in this context of challenge and change that Somerset College offers a clear and inspiring approach to education, ensuring that we empower and equip our students to be agile and able citizens in our global and evolving future. Integrated across our whole school with our existing and respected IEB and Cambridge curriculums, ESTEAM puts Somerset College at the forefront of South African educational innovation.


The educational strategy of integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into a school curriculum was first founded in the 1990s in the United States. It was not long after this that Art was incorporated into STEM and STEAM was accepted by many institutions around the world. The idea behind this is that Art brings a creative edge which is necessary to grow world economies while driving innovation. However, Somerset College recognises that our country is not only in need of STEAM skills but also requires a strong entrepreneurial input and has produced ESTEAM.


As a physical embodiment of our commitment to collaboration, creativity, critical thought and interdisciplinary solution-finding, our new ESTEAM Innovation Centre will further position us as a home of modern forward-thinking education. Along with our new sport’s grounds, teaching and boarding facilities, water saving infrastructure and high-speed internet connections, the development of Somerset College is a living declaration of the innovative spirit of ESTEAM. Every sphere of our school is being advanced and we are proud to be building this future of innovation in our 21st year by raising R21 million through our generous community.


This is however a costly investment in the future and to realise this vision we require your support. The Somerset College ESTEAM Innovation Centre will create forward-thinking students and future leaders and will be an epicentre of innovation for our community, country and continent. We invite you to join us in the realisation of this vision.

Bank: FNB (Current Account)
Branch: Somerset West (250655)
Account: 6273 490 8819
Reference: ESTEAM_Surname
Swift code: FIRNZAJJ



If you would like further information or would like to contribute to our ESTEAM Innovation Centre, please contact:

Megan van der Poll | esteam@somcol.co.za | 021 842 8000