Eco School

Somerset College adheres to the concept of caring for the children we teach; we believe that a sustainable school should extend this commitment into new areas, including the care for the environment.

Eco Schools

As a result we are committed to care about the energy and water we consume, the waste we produce, the food we serve, the traffic we attract and the challenges and opportunities for people living in the local community. It is part of strategic planning to become a more sustainable campus by, among other things, installing energy saving devices and using grey water.

Somerset College registered for the Eco-Schools Programme at the beginning of 2008. In so doing, the School joined a community of thousands of schools around the world who are concerned enough about the environment to pro-actively care for it.

Environmental issues are integral to our curriculum and the pupils are equipped with the information and skills that they need to become environmentally responsible citizens of the future. Moreover, the school practices what it preaches, and has an active recycling programme in place.

Somerset College has been awarded the Green Eco Flag, a reflection of the commitment of the entire school community to the environment.


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