Dramatic Arts

Students who choose the subject of Dramatic Arts in Grade 10 soon realise that this subject presents, through its syllabus, an enriching experience as the fascinating history of the theatre and theatre-making is explored and traced throughout the centuries. Opportunities for acting and performance training are created through improvisation exercises and interpreting characters and styles from set plays.  Drama students experience different styles of performance – it could be a dramatic monologue, a satirical duologue or a work-shopped original piece. Through experiential learning the student becomes aware of the play and playwright, the director, the actor (him/herself and fellow actors), the designer and of course being able to be a member of an audience with a critical, yet appreciative eye. Classwork is extended by regular excursions to theatre productions.

Cultural activities using Drama
Students love to act! Auditions for the school play which is open to all Grade 10s and upwards are always well attended. There is a production every year and over the past few years the different directors have worked hard at bringing unique plays to life often presenting them through fresh and challenging means.

Artz Daze is a popular platform for participation and every year it seems to have a “new look”! This is welcomed. It is driven by the Grade 12s and the Cultural portfolio with the emphasis placed on what they wish it to be. During Artz Daze students are treated to art exhibitions, professional outside performances, debating, singing, dancing, music and the “On Stage” evening! The whole campus becomes a ground for performance in all its forms and is open to the whole Senior School. Students can participate through performance/directing/designing/creating, or become a member of an appreciative audience.

Head of Drama – Ms Jhanie van Aswegen
Drama Teacher – Ms Leanna Dreyer