Somerset College has a vibrant and innovative cultural programme.

Visual Art, Design, Music & Dramatic Arts
The College has a Visual Art, Design, Music, and Dramatic Arts departments as well as an active and competitive Debating Club. The four departments each have full time and part time staff that run their disciplines as subjects and also organise extra-curricular events and activities. The students are actively involved in the cultivation of culture through the Cultural Portfolio. This portfolio is headed by two student leaders and includes representatives from other grades. The portfolio is overseen by a senior staff member from one of the cultural disciplines and is responsible for the on-the-ground running of the numerous cultural activities. In this way the students take a large responsibility for actively promoting and organising our performance and exhibition based culture at the school.

Full-time teaching staff:

Visual Art and Design: Ms Nina Welgemoed (Head of Visual Art), Ms Carina Vosloo (Grade 8 and 9 Visual Art Head), Ms Carla Mulder (Head of Design)

Music: Dr Diederick Basson (Director of Music, Subject Music Teacher - Grades 8, 10, 11 & Matric ); Mr Simon Chapman (Jazz Band, Subject Music Teacher - Grades 9 to Matric); Mr Patrick Cordery (Choir, Jazz Band, Subject Music Teacher - Grade 11); Mr Reinhardt Liebenberg (Choir, Subject Music Teacher - Grades 9 to 11); Mrs Charlo von Stein (Subject Music Teacher - Grades 8 & 10) and Dr Sjoerd Alkema (Orchestra).

Drama: Ms Jhanie van Aswegen (Head of Dramatic Arts) and Ms Leanna Dreyer.

Debating: Mr Coenraad Walters (Librarian and Afrikaans Home Language Teacher)