18 March 2015

Cricket Fundraiser: Olive Oil for sale

A new batch of oil has arrived and can be purchased from Jean Lewin.

  • Bottle – R85
  • 1,25 litre tube – R170
  • 2 litre tube – R250

This can be debited to your school account.

Olive oil sales for 2013/14 made a fantastic profit of around R30 000 of which R5 000 was used to buy a new Samsung Galaxy tablet, which will be used for scoring at games, and the balance has gone towards the construction of the new indoor cricket facility.

Rio Largo: Gold medal in SA OLIVE AWARDS 2012 and 2013
ABSA top 5 olive oils in the Country in 2013 & 2014
1st Consumer’s Choice Award 2012
Buck’s Ridge: Gold Medal in SA OLIVE AWARDS 2012 (did not take part in 2013)
Marco Zichella Award : 2nd prize 2012 – 2nd prize 2013 – 1st prize 2014

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