Fee Schedule

2017 Fee Schedule

Tuition fees are reviewed annually by the Board of Governors and School Management, in accordance with a comprehensive budget setting process, and are advised to parents by the commencement of the fourth term of the year prior to the fees becoming applicable.

TUITION FEES per annum per term per month (11 months – Jan to Nov) Full payment before 31/01/17 – 5% discount
Grade 000 R40 166 R10 042 R3 651 R38 158
Grades 00 & R R40 236 R10 059 R3 658 R38 224
Grades 1 & 2 R55 325 R13 831 R5 030 R52 559
Grade 3 R63 875 R15 969 R5 807 R60 681
Grades 4 to 7 R68 373 R17 093 R6 216 R64 954
Grades 8 to 12 R104 670 R26 168 R9 515 R99 437
Cambridge (A & AS levels) R117 040 R29 260 R10 640 R111 188

Grades 8 to 12 R92 042 R23 011 R8 367  R87 440


2017 ADDITIONAL LEVIES  Annual  Termly  Monthly  Full payment before 31/01/17 – 5% discount
Grade 000 to Grade R: Extra mural levy R   669 R167 R  61 R636
Grade 1 to Grade 7: Extra mural levy R   928 R232 R  84 R882
Grade 8 to Grade 12: IEB Exam & Camp levy R4 048 R1 012 R368 R3 846
Grade 000 to Grade R: Capital Development levy R2 100 R525 R191 R1 995
Grade 1 to Grade 7: Capital Development levy R2 250 R563 R205 R2 138
Grade 8 to Grade 12 & Cambridge: Capital Development levy R3 000 R750 R273 R2 850


Banking details for the payment of school fees:
Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Somerset West – 106012
Account: 106 010 2919 (current account)
Swift code: NEDSZAJJ
Please reference your payment with the student’s number (provided by the school) and fax confirmation of payment to 021 842-3542 or email lizelle.nel@somcol.co.za

Holders of Vredelus debentures attract the relevant discount on school fees.

Parents are encouraged to pay their fees monthly by means of a debit order through Somerset College.

Monthly payments are due on the 1st of the month and paid over a period of 11 months from January to November inclusive.

Termly fees are due on or before the first day of each term.

Any account not paid by the 7th of the month will be invoiced with a monthly late payment fee of R500.

The Capital Development levy is charged as a dedicated source of revenue for facilities capital expenditure and campus enhancement.

A full term’s notice, in writing, is required when withdrawing a student from Somerset College.

For further information about fees, please contact Lizelle Nel on 021 842 8014 or e-mail lizelle.nel@somcol.co.za


Grade Preparatory Only Preparatory & Senior Cambridge International Examination
000 – 7 R15 000.00 R25 000.00 N/A
8 – 9 N/A R25 000.00 N/A
10 N/A R15 000.00 N/A
11/AS N/A R12 000.00 R12 000.00
A Levels N/A N/A R6 000.00

A limited number of scholarships are offered for commencement at Grade 8 level, applicable for the child’s tenure at the school, all of which are awarded on merit.  Details of these are available on request.

A termly levy is charged which covers the majority of grade excursions, events and external examination fees.

Buses run in the mornings from Somerset West and Stellenbosch. Due to the low demand, there is no afternoon bus service at this stage. There is a termly charge for this service.  To book, please email Lizelle Nel at lizelle.nel@somcol.co.za

A range of light lunches is available from the tuckshop at the Preparatory School and Senior School.  A take-away lunch is available from the kitchen (at a nominal charge) for Senior School students. For more information please contact Lizal Jacobs, our Catering Manager, on 021 842-8021 or email l.jacobs@somcol.co.za

Uniforms and textbooks can be purchased from the College Shop which is located on the school premises. The shop is managed by Ronelle Maij who can be contacted on 021 842-8008 or email r.maij@somcol.co.za

For more information, or to arrange a visit to Somerset College, please contact the Admissions Officer, Patricia McNaught Davis, on 021 842 8005 or email admissions@somcol.co.za