Senior School

Catering for 570 students from Grades 8 to 12, Somerset College Senior School is a happy, dynamic learning community. Of the approximately 110 Grade 8 students enrolled annually, almost 50% come from our own Preparatory School (bearing in mind that there are only two Grade 7 classes and four Grade 8 classes) and the balance from other local and regional schools.

Academic Staff
Well qualified academic staff ensure that our educational offering is not only broad, but extensive, and is able to identify a sphere in which every student is able to showcase their particular talents, whether they lie in the cultural, sporting, social or leadership arenas.

Independent Examination Board (IEB)
Our matriculants are prepared for the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) matriculation, an independent South African body which caters for the majority of better-resourced independent (or private) schools in Southern Africa. Internationally bench-marked, it is a rigorous vehicle for ensuring the maintenance of high academic standards. As a result of our involvement with the IEB, our staff are in the privileged position of being able to network with like-minded IEB members, giving the school a strong, competitive edge.

Physical Development
The role of physical development in contributing to the emotional growth of teenagers is of paramount importance.

All students are required to play a sport, with the emphasis being both on participation and giving of one’s best.

Cultural Aspects of the College
Music, Art, Drama, Creative Writing and other cultural pursuits are valued in the school. Many students play at least one musical instrument, and public performance is encouraged. There are regular music concerts. Our energetic Drama Department stages a school play each year.

The Art Department is one of the finest in the country and the students produce work of an excellent quality. Somerset College values creativity and its reverence for the arts underscores this value.

Education at Somerset College is not only about learning from books, and computers it is also about learning from life, so that individuals can flourish while also becoming prepared for the demands of the uncertain world beyond school.

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